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Taken by the Wind
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Like our food, we use fresh local ingredients with traditional Western recipes to create premium drinks for reasonable prices.

Our two specialties both combine famous Ninh Thuan fruits with spirits.  Try one of our five flavors of infused vodka or a refreshing Ninh Chu Bay Sangria.

We also serve ice cold draught beer in both a pale (Red Rock) and dark (Gauden) German style along with the more typical lagers.

If for some reason you think it is too early to start drinking alcohol, our Cafe Sua Da and fresh coconuts will keep you awake and fresh for your kite surfing session.

Our Menu

Featuring the freshest local ingredients

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While our menu may seem eclectic, our focus is using the famous local fruits and vegetables in our favorite dishes from around the world.  Whether it is Mexican, European, American, or Asian, all of our dishes contain locally grown produce picked at the market the same day. Even our Vodkas and Sangria!


We offer  sausages prepared in styles from around the world.  Chorizos, bratwurst, and spicy Italian sausages are made in Vietnam by Europeans with many years of experience.​  American hot dogs and hamburgers are also popular items.


Ninh Thuan's climate is very similar to Northern Mexico, and we prepare guacamole and salsa fresh every day to compliment our quasedillas and tacos.


Fried rice dishes inspired by Asian neighbors combine the best in locally sourced food with spices made famous elsewhere.  The Kim Chi Fried Rice is a must-try for Asian food lovers.


A big secret of ours is that we can arrange the best seafood dinners in Vietnam.  With advance notice (8hrs),we will go to the local market at the best time (when the boats are returning) and select a variety of the freshest of the local catch.  No farmed seafood and none of that stuff that's been sitting in a tank for days.  This is the real deal and we grill and cook it using other fresh ingredients.   To pre-order your seafood feast today, click HERE.


​Don't eat meat?  Not a problem.  We serve a variety of vegetarian dishes including tofu sandwiches, rice and bean burritos, and cheese quasadillas to name a few.


We open at 9 am.  Come early and try the breakfast burrito, egg & cheese sandwich, fresh fruit, or a special cafe sua da (with or without Irish Cream)!