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Taken by the Wind
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Business Experts Specializing in Ninh Thuan Province


As the first foreign investor in the tourism sector of Ninh Thuan Province, MGT Management and it's local partner - My Kim Phat Jsc. - can confidently say it has the experience to help your company analyze business opportunities and implement your plan.  We also have close relationships with foreign law firms with experience advising clients on developing large projects in Ninh Thuan Province.

Local Services:

  • Site Selection
  • Local Partner Introductions
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Government licences and permits; consultation and applying
  • Government introductions
  • Professional services introductions
  • General advice and consultations
  • Data and feasibility projections

In addition, MGT Management Consulting offers a variety of non-location services.


Established in 2007, MGT Management Consulting focuses on one thing and one thing only:  Giving our clients the best chance to succeed when investing in Vietnam coastal tourism. Whether choosing a location, choosing an investment, or choosing a strategy, we help our clients understand the market and how to succeed.

Our Clients:

Our clients include several investment funds and private equity managers located in Hong Kong, Singapore, and the USA.  They use our services before investing in Vietnam coastal resort projects to determine the feasibility of the potential investments.

Our Services:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Market Research
  • Discounted Cash Flow Valuations
  • Location Scouting
  • Investment Advice
  • Due Diligence Research
  • Market Positioning Studies
  • Creation of Materials for Raising Funds or Divesting Property


Investment Opportunities:

MGT Management takes pride in knowing nearly everything that is happening along Vietnam's coastline; including investment opportunities.  If you are interested in investing in Vietnam's tropical beaches, contact us for potential investment opportunities.

Project Management:

Every so often if we really like a project, we will become more involved.  We are willing to reduce or waive our fees in exchange for an equity stake in the project.

The Vietnam Resort Report

First published in early 2012, MGT Management produces a monthly newsletter called The Vietnam Resort Report, for stakeholders in Vietnam's coastal tourism industry.  In 2013 it became a paid newsletter available by subscription.  To see past free issues, click here.  To subscribe, contact us.