Vinh Hy Bay

25 km up the coast from Ninh Chu is another spectacular bay.  The small fishing village is rapidly becoming a tourist destination and boat/snorkeling tours are easy to join.  Don't stop at Vinh Hy, though, the coastal road rising above is spectacular.

Mui Dinh Lighthouse

25 km south, one of Vietnam's oldest working lighthouses sits atop a rock hill. The amazing vistas are well-worth the 20 minute climb to the top.  To get to the beginning of the path, you must walk through sand dunes and down to a beautiful hidden beach.

Taken by the Wind
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Trung Som Co Tu Pagodas

A new series of pagodas and statues pepper the hill behind the resorts in Ninh Chu Bay, providing beautiful views of the surrounding villages, salt farms, and rice fields.  Braving your way to the very top rewards a 10 minute hike with 360 degree views.

Taken by the Wind KTA Vietnam

Vietnam Wine Tours:

Visit Ninh Thuan's vineyards, Dalat's wineries, and see other spectacular scenery with wine experts from Australia.  Click on picture for info.

Po Klang Garai Cham Temple

Located near the train station in the northern section of Phan Rang, this Cham Temple is still the center of the ethnic Champ people.  Despite being 700 years old, it is in good shape and still used for the Kate Festival in October.  It also has a nice gift shop in the parking lot.



The Asian Riviera

Ninh Thuan, located in south central Vietnam, lies between the two popular beach destinations of Nha Trang and Phan Thiet/Mui Ne.  For a variety of reasons, it remains much less developed than its more well-known neighbors.  This is changing fairly quickly as a new 105 km coastal road opened up the beautiful waterfront to travel.


Surprisingly, most of coastal Ninh Thuan has a Mediterranean climate; in fact the area is very famous for its grapes and vineyards.  The province is the driest in Vietnam and the hottest.  However, that is misleading because it averages all months.  In fact, Ninh Thuan's temperatures have the lowest range between high and low in all of Vietnam; another reason why grapes grow so well.

While dry most of the time, Mid-September to mid-December does have rain for periods  in the late afternoon and at night.  A nice cool breeze blows nearly everyday.


​Ninh Thuan boasts amazing natural wonders and incredibly diverse landscapes.  Driving along the new 116 km coastal road uncovers cliffs meeting the ocean, secluded beaches, deserts, vineyards, and jungle.  The Nui Chua National forest is just up the road from Ninh Chu Bay Beach Club.  In fact, our place is centrally located within the province which makes all these attractions fairly easy to reach.​​