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Taken by the Wind
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Let us simplify your trip

Ninh Chu Bay Beach Club does not have any rooms yet (soon!), but we can help you find a suitable place nearby that meets your criteria.  If you are planning on staying in the area for the season or even longer, let us help you find a suitable apartment or house.


Cheap Guest House - Between $7 and $12/night

Simple room with no view.  A/C and wireless internet.  Not much else

Regular Guest House - Between $10 and $18/night

Nicer room, usually with a window.  A/C and wireless internet.

3-Star Resort - Between $35 and $50 / night

Bungalow near the beach.  Hotel has restaurant and swimming pool.  Wifi, A/C, Television, mini-fridge.

4-Star Resort - Between $60 and $100/night

Bigger room in resort with swimming pool, restaurant.  Near the beach.  Wifi, A/C, Television, mini-fridge.

Because prices and availability  change with the seasons, we will quote you a price and give you the name of the hotel/guest house.  If you find a better price and want to book  it yourself, that is fine with us.  

Ninh Chu Bay Beach Club will do our best to find the best place for your price range; however we are not responsible for anything having to do with your stay in the guest house or resort.